Everything is set for the 23 march Pakistan day celebrations

On March 23, 1940, the Lahore Resolution was approved, requesting a distinct nation for the Muslims of the British Indian Kingdom. As Pakistan prepares to commemorate Pakistan Day appropriately, arrangements have been made to commemorate the passes of the Lahore Resolution.

75th Pakistan Day is only just a few days ahead, extensive plans are in the works to commemorate the occasion with country pride and patriotism.

Pakistan’s Armed Forces have been busy planning for a grand celebration of Pakistan Day at Shakarparrian Parade Ground on this historic day in the country’s history.

Armed forces personnel and other agencies were engaged practising and doing other operational preparations for the day, to be conducted professionally and politely.

Citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad rushed to neighbouring interchanges, where they were entertained by an aerobatic display by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jet fighters.

Parade participants

Foot columns from the Pakistani Forces, Pakistan Naval force, Pakistan Air Force, Border Corps, Northern Infantry, Mujahid Power, Islamabad Authorities, Women’s Armed Forces Nursing Services, Boys Scouts, Special Service Organizations from three Programs, and mechanised columns from the Infantry, Artillery, Army Air Security, Signals, Technicians, Army Strategic Force Authority, Camel Group, and Presidents Body Guard are among those taking part.

During the Fajar prayer sessions, special ‘dua’ events would be conducted at mosques to pray for the nation’s peace, purity, and success.

A spokesperson for the Local Authority stated, “All preparations for Pakistan Day have been concluded.”

To prevent any unforeseen events, the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have also been faced with rigorous security measures. The City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi has finalised a security strategy created for Pakistan Day.

Traffic connecting Faizabad, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi will be restricted till the end of the Pakistan Day celebration, according to a spokesperson.

Traffic on Murree Road travelling to Islamabad will be directed to the intersections of Dual Road Junction and 9th Avenue, while traffic from Koral Chowk will be sent to Khanna Pull Lane after crossing via Shamsabad on Double Road.

He claims that big vehicles like as buses, trucks, and trailers will not be permitted to access the capital after 3 a.m.

He said that public transportation vehicles arriving from Murree will not be allowed to pass through the toll plazas at Lower Topa, Road Turn, Dana Mor, and Satra Mill on their way to the main city.

He stated that around 300 traffic police would be sent to control traffic on city streets. He noted that CTP Local Station 88.6 will host special programming in this regards, and that individuals could also call the CTP helpline. He said the detours will be put in various locations and urged locals to assist with traffic cops so that traffic issues could be adequately managed.

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