Government Acknowledges Mistake and Lifts Import Ban on Mobile phone Parts

The federal govt has agreed to lift the country’s restriction on the import of smartphone parts. The restriction was enforced owing to foreign exchange limits, and its lifting will aid in the resumption of domestic mobile phone manufacture.

Muzaffar Hussain Paracha, President of the Pakistan Mobile Phone Manufacturers Association (PMPMA), claimed that the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has approved the establishment of LCs for the import of smartphone parts.

The President of PMPMA praised the govt for reducing barriers to mobile phone manufacture in the nation. The lifting of the prohibition will assist the country’s mobile phone business is expanding and creating jobs.

PMPMA, a trade association representing 26 mobile phone makers, met with the govt a few weeks ago to propose that the prohibition be lifted and that LCs be opened.

Meanwhile, a Ministry of Commerce official informed that the import of completely knocked down (CKD) kits for mobile devices was not prohibited. The official went on to say that since there was never a prohibition in the first place, it is unlikely to be lifted.

Between January and April 2022, 9.72 million phones were either produced or assembled in the nation. Only 0.86 million mobile phones were imported within the same time period. In April 2022, 2.56 million mobile phones were manufactured compared to 0.25 million imported during the same time.

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