Bill Gates Visits First Time To Pakistan, Meets Imran Khan

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, spoke with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday about polio eradication and other vital topics during his first visit to the country.

According to a statement provided by the Prime Minister’s Office, Gates spoke with senior government officials during his one-day visit to Pakistan, including Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, spoke at a meeting of the National Task Force on Polio Eradication, saying that despite COVID- 19 restrictions, the government has done “amazing” work in eradicating the disease.

On his first official visit, he expressed his gratitude to the prime minister for inviting him and for the kind welcome he received. He was grateful to the leaders, health professionals, and parents who fought relentlessly to ensure that no kid would ever be paralysed by polio.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister thanked the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for their help and partnership in the fight against polio.

During his conversation with Gates, he stated that his government is committed to eradicating polio.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that Afghanistan, the main source of polio in Pakistan’s two bordering provinces, need immediate international assistance in order to avoid a humanitarian crisis.

The Prime Minister briefed Gates that Pakistan is supporting 40 million Afghans who need basic amenities.

The prime minister also ordered deputy commissioners in districts bordering Afghanistan, especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s southern regions, to be attentive and proactive in preventing poliovirus infection.

“The task force paid tribute to 36 frontline workers and 14 law enforcement personnel who lost their lives conducting polio vaccinations,” according to a statement from the PM Office.

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, also visited the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), where he met with Asad Umar, the Federal Minister of Planning, and other senior health officials.

Federal Minister of Planning Asad Umar Also tweeted about today’s visit of bill gates.

The visiting delegation was given a detailed report on Pakistan’s anti-Covid-19 initiatives.

Gates expressed interest in the NCOC’s smart lockdown and micro smart lockdown tactics, as well as Pakistan’s vaccine administration system, which enabled authorities to develop and implement a comprehensive COVID-19 response.

NCOC Chairman Asad Umar acknowledged Bill Gates and his foundation for their support of COVID-19 initiatives in Pakistan.

Gates praised Pakistan’s progress in combating COVID-19 despite constrained resources, as well as the excellent initiatives and measures are taken to ensure public health safety.

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