Car Imports In Pakistan, Everything You Need to Know

Pakistan has local auto manufacturing industries but unfortunately, they are not meeting customer demands because most peoples want modern features at a low price. 

Pakistanis usually prefer imported cars because of their modern features affordable prices and they have higher resale value as compared to local cars.

People in Pakistan also demand luxury vehicles and sports cars, but sadly local industry is unable to provide this demand to the people which is why people choose imported cars.

Biggest Cars Exporters in The World

Japan Germany and the united states are the biggest exporter of cars in the world. Pakistan imports most of its Car from Japan, China and the United Kindom.

Japanese cars are all-time favourites for Pakistanis because of their features and reliability. for a long time, Japanese cars are used in Pakistan.

Car import from Japan to Pakistan is a normal routine. Around 65,000 Japanese vehicles have been brought into Pakistan last year. If you want to import a car from Japan you can easily buy a Japanese car direct from Japan.

Used Cars Imports

Most Pakistani usually go for second-hand vehicles because an average middle-class Pakistani can’t afford a brand-new car. And also used imported cars can be a good financing option.

According to Government policy, any Pakistani can import a used car into the country. Furthermore, dual nationals also import a car under Govt policy, which is further explained in Government Policy on Used Car Imports In Pakistan

Japan is very famous in the world in terms of used cars because they offer used cars at a reasonable price. Japanese used cars dominate Pakistan’s market because of their high-quality vehicles at low prices.

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Popular Imported Cars

many multinational companies provide imported new and used cars in Pakistan. There is a list of a few popular imported cars that dominate the market. 

Toyota Vitz

Car imports in pakistan

Toyota Vitz is a subcompact car made by the Japanese car manufacturing company Toyota from 1999 to 2019. It is an Imported car so the price of this car depends on its model. Toyota Vitz is a very famous imported car in Pakistan due to its satisfying performance and comfort.

Toyota Aqua

Car imports in pakistan

Toyota Aqua is a full hybrid electric subcompact hatchback manufactured by Toyota since 2011. In 2017, it is the second best-selling car from Toyota company. The design of this car is attracting the attention of Pakistani buyers.

Suzuki Every

Car imports in pakistan

Suzuki Every is a very luxurious and comfortable family minivan. it is an imported vehicle with a 660cc engine that is very fuel efficient, which is why Pakistanis are interested in this vehicle.

Disadvantages of Imported Car

There are certain drawbacks to buying an imported car, if you want to make a smarter choice read this.

Imported cars are designed and inspected as per the exporter’s country. As a result, it has a strong suspension set-up for its country, which is why most imported cars struggle on Pakistani roads as compared to locally produced cars.

The majority of imported cars’ engines do not meet Pakistan’s fuel standards because they are manufactured on the new global fuel standards.

Another major drawback of imported cars is the spare parts are not available in the local market or, if available, they are expensive, which makes it difficult to maintain the vehicle.

Government Policy on Used Car Imports In Pakistan

How overseas Pakistani can import car?

Pakistani people living aboard, including dual nationals, can import old and used cars in Pakistan under these 3 schemes.
1.Personal Baggage.
2.Gift Scheme.
3.Transfer of Residence.

Under these schemes, cars not older than 3 years and other vehicles like Buses, Rickshaws and Bikes not older than 5 years can import into Pakistan

The duty and tax structure remain the same under these 3 schemes. two-wheelers can only import in the Personal Baggage scheme.

what is the import duty on hybrid cars in pakistan

According to Government policy 50% exemption from duty & taxes is admissible on import of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) of engine capacity up to 1800cc and 25% exemption from duty & taxes is admissible on import of HEVs of engine capacity from 1800cc to 2500cc.

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