Denmark to support Pakistan in transforming its energy Sector

Denmark’s Ambassador Lis Rosenholm has shown a significant interest in Pakistan’s green transformation and the exchanging of renewable energy knowledge.

The ambassador of Denmark expressed his appreciation for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s goal of the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Initiative, saying that Pakistan and Denmark share the aim to combat environmental change and engage in a green transformation.

Denmark is committed to becoming a zero-emission society by 2050 and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent by 2030. Denmark’s climate policy strives for a resource-efficient society with a renewable energy supply and considerably lower greenhouse gas emissions across the sectors.  These lofty goals need a transformation of our culture and economy, as well as cutting-edge knowledge of the green transition.

Pakistan also has committed to mitigating the consequences of environmental change and reducing carbon emissions by setting national objectives and moving in the right direction via planting billions of trees, growing renewable energy, and emphasising sustainable ecotourism.

Lis Rosenholm further stated that the embassy already has selected a senior counsellor as the Head of Green Growth, and Sustainability to strengthen cooperation across the public and private sectors in Pakistan regarding the green transition, including renewable energy.

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She also stated how beautiful and big Pakistan is. “The people are lovely and hospitable, and the country has a lot of potential for foreign investors,”

When asked how Denmark came to be seen as a leader and green forerunner in global climate action, and how it may assist Pakistan, she stated that, despite its modest size, Denmark is a global leader in green transition and climate change solutions.

Denmark is a worldwide leader in the transition of our energy industry from a heavy dependency on fossil fuels to a high proportion of renewable energy in the energy system, which began some 40 years ago. A green transition has also contributed to societal progress and employment creation.

Pakistan’s aspirations and demands in terms of a green transition are well aligned with Danish competencies, which are centred on decades of expertise in energy planning, renewable energy integration, and energy efficiency. This builds a solid foundation for collaboration.

She called climate change one of humanity’s “major challenges.” “One of our generations’ defining world issues is climate change.” It has far-reaching negative economic, social, and political impacts.

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