French car company Peugeot launches its operation in Pakistan

French car company Peugeot officially launches operations in Pakistan in collaboration with Lucky Motors.

Peugeot, the European automaker, has begun operations in Pakistan with its exclusive partner, Lucky Motor Corporation.

European Car Peugeot Dealer

The collaboration began with the opening of 8 3S dealerships across six locations, as well as a state-of-the-art car assembly facility in Pakistan.

Lucky Motor Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Yunus Brothers Group, has earned a significant market share in Pakistan’s automobile sector over the past five decades, setting new standards in product offering and customer service.

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lucky motor launches European car Peugeot 2008, Now the company’s new aim is to provide its customers with the best mobility solutions that the European Brand can offer. 

French car company Peugeot has been a pioneer for over 211 years in the automobile industry guided by its brand principles. allure, elation, and excellence, each of which stands for impeccable design, instinctive driving pleasure, and uncompromised quality.

French Car Brand Peugeot

The company will assemble the Peugeot 1.2L Turbo 2008 Active and Allure, which are priced at Rs 5.25 million and Rs5.85 million, respectively.

Asif Rizvi, CEO of Lucky Motor said, the country has a demand for European vehicles. “When it comes to vacationing, where do people choose to go?” He questioned. “Most people want to go to Europe, not Japan, China, or South Korea,” he said, adding that he hoped that those who had driven European cars would also buy them in Pakistan.

LMC Automotive Division President Mohammad Faisal says, “Now there is a European automobile on the market.” People have been driving Audis, BMWs, and Mercedes, imports from Europe.

Although the European car Peugeot 2008 may decrease Kia Sportage’s market share, Rizvi said, “let people buy whatever they want; both are our cars.” Both were SUVs that targeted different types of customers. Sportage has a 2000cc capacity and is slightly larger. While it is a ‘C’ category SUV, the 2008 model falls into the ‘B’ category.

Globally, SUVs are the fastest-growing segment, Following the same trend. Lucky Motor launches first European car Peugeot in Pakistan

Another Pakistani automobile maker predicts that by 2030, SUVs will have a 37 Percent share of the Pakistani vehicle market, ahead of sedans and hatchbacks.

In response to a query about localisation, Rizvi stated that Pakistan’s industries have fundamental difficulties that must be solved before real localization can be achieved.

It would be hard to achieve localization if the government only spoke about it. Steel and plastic raisins are two businesses that the government should help. The only raw material we have right now is labour. Localised auto parts with a high labour intensity would have a localized cost of only 15% to 20%. “In most cases, local parts are only localised by 10% to 12%,” he clarified.

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