Imran Khan Unveils Pakistan’s First-Ever National Security Policy

ISLAMABAD, Jan 14 (HashtagNation) – Imran Khan on Friday launched Pakistan’s first-ever national security policy based on a citizen-oriented system focusing more on raising Pakistan economy.

PM Says the country is in dire need of multilateral for protecting its citizens and fending economy with a future strategy.

Peace and economic connectivity were at the forefront of its policy plan and highlighted that it wanted improved ties with arch-rival neighbouring India.

At the launching ceremony, there were ministers from the federal government, as well as all service chiefs, diplomats, and senior civil and military officials.

“Inclusive development implies not only boosting the low-grade people but also in neglected areas every ordinary man becomes a stakeholder to save the state. the biggest security is when people stand behind the state for its protection,” PM Imran Khan Said.

Prime Minister Imran said, In Islamabad on the occasion of launching the public version of policy “I believe that this policies implementation will contribute exceedingly to Pakistan’s economic security.”

Official says the details of the policy prepared by a jointly headed by civil and military leaders and will remain secret. 

The policy revolves around seeking peace with neighbours and exploring opportunities to make Pakistan a trade and investment hub.

The Policy document stated that “ Pakistan is balanced to take benefit of its geo-economically pivotal location to function as a production, trade and investment, and connectivity hub for our wider area to strengthen our financial security.” 

Unveiling the public version of the policy, which was individually supported by the National Security Committee and the Cabinet last month, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the earlier governments had failed to maintain Pakistan’s economy.

New Security Policy is clearly explained in the 100 pages document, he added since the evolution of Pakistan, It had an only a one-dimensional security policy in which the focus was on the army. furthermore, IK added that first-time Pakistan national security division prepared a consensus document that explains national security in a proper way.

The powerful military, which has ruled Pakistan for more than half of its more than 70 years, still wields considerable power in matters of security and foreign policy.

This five-year policy of the Khan government is the first of its kind in Pakistan and spells out the country’s nationwide security vision and goals for the period between 2022 and 26.

Khan said that our biggest security is when the people become stakeholders and stand up for the country. And inclusive growth is the best way to achieve this. We need to develop as a nation, not separately.

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