Imran’s wife paid Rs 38 million to keep Toshakhana Gifts valued at Rs 142 million

Former PM Imran Khan & his wife Bushra Bibi kept all 112 items worth Rs142.02 million that were either given to them for free or acquired for a pittance of Rs38 million.

Official records obtained by APP indicated that Imran & his wife took 52 free gifts totaling Rs800,200 “without spending a single rupee.”

The list of Toshakhana presents acquired by ex-PM Imran during Aug 2018 and Dec 2021 remains a secret during his govt, making the situation scandalous due to reports of hiding from tax officials.

Toshakhana is a Cabinet Division department that keeps track of valuable presents presented to rulers, MPs, and officials as a goodwill gesture by leaders of other countries, states, and foreign dignitaries.

The then-government had taken the position that disclosing any information on Toshakhana would jeopardise foreign relations.

According to the list of presents, the couple kept the remaining things after paying a small sum less than the assessed worth.


From seven magnificent Rolex and other luxury watches to diamond and gold jewellery comprising several bracelets, necklaces, rings, several diamond chains, a million-dollar pen and cufflinks, perfumes, dinner sets, and Oud aroma, the couple kept everything that other states of the world were presenting to Pakistan.

During Imran’s first visit to the country, Saudi Prince Muhammad Bin Salman gave him with the most valuable gift. However, the former PM was able to keep the Rs85 million Graff watch by spending only Rs20 million.


The gifts obtained and kept by Imran Khan & Bushra Bibi, their worth, and the price given by the former prime minister to keep the items are detailed below:

One Rolex Gent’s watch worth Rs900,000; one Rolex ladies watch worth Rs400,000; an IPhone worth Rs210,000; two gent’s suites worth Rs30,000; one fragrance Dolce&Gabba worth Rs35,000; two perfumes Bvlgari worth Rs30,000 and Rs26,000; one fragrance Rubi worth Rs40,000; one wallet Samsonite worth Rs6,000; one wallet Aigner ladies worth Rs18,000; one ball pen Mont Blanc worth Rs28,000 All of these things were kept in exchange for a fee of Rs338,600.


On 18-09-2018, one watch (Graff) priced at Rs85,000,000; a pair of cuff links valued at Rs5.67 M; one pen valued at Rs1.5 M; and one ring valued at Rs8.75 M were received. Imran Khan spent Rs20.278 M to keep these items.

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