Pakistan is Ready To Host OIC Conference in Pakistan 2022

Pakistan is prepared to host the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s OIC Conference in Pakistan 2022 Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) meeting on 22-23 March in Islamabad.

The subject of the 48th summit will be “Building Partnerships for Justice, Development, Unity.

FM Qureshi told the media today that it’s an honour for Pakistan to hold the CFM-OIC meeting on 22-23 March, just a few months after holding an extraordinary meeting of the CFM-OIC last year.

OIC Conference in Pakistan 2022

On March 21, he stated, officials from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) would begin to arrive. “The two-day session is significant because it is taking place at a critical juncture in the Ummah’s history when the Ummah is faced with a variety of issues,” he said, referencing the Palestine and Kashmir issues, the latter of which has gained prominence since India’s unilateral and illegal actions after 5 August 2019.

Other global concerns, such as economic recession and its consequences, climate change, and so on, would be taken into account.
During the two-day session, over 100 resolutions will be considered.

Pakistan has raised the situation of Afghanistan during the OIC-extraordinary CFM’s session, and it will raise the Kashmir problem once more at the upcoming meeting, urging the world not to ignore the serious situation there.

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The meeting will be conducted on the 75th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence. Pakistan invited distinguished visitors to observe the professional capacity of Pakistan’s armed forces and the traditional floats of all provinces, which signify national unity, at the Pakistan Day parade on 23rd March.

Foreign ministers from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) states members also will debate the Afghan situation, which is marked by severe humanitarian and economical crises.

In a statement, the pan-Islamic organisation OIC said, “the session will discuss several topics and the actions of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) General Secretariat on fulfilling the resolutions issued on different problems in the Islamic world, including the conflict of Palestine and Al-Quds.”

Several African issues, such as the situation in the Sahel area, Mali, and Lake Chad, as well as the situation in the Republic of Guinea and Central Africa, will be on the summit’s agenda, according to the statement. During the conference, the OIC foreign ministers would also discuss developments in Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Libya and other territories.

The ambassadors of Islamic nations located in Islamabad expressed their appreciation for the meeting of the (OIC) Council of Foreign Ministers in their messages.

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