Recognizing Taliban Govt Will Put Too Much International Pressure On Pakistan

Pakistan’s prime minister said the international community’s pressure on Pakistan would be too much to handle if it became the first nation to recognise Taliban-led

“If Pakistan recognised the Taliban first, we would suffer too much foreign pressure as we strive to turn our economy around,” he stated to Le Figaro, a French newspaper.”

“Becoming the lone state (to recognise the Taliban regime) would be the last thing we would desire,” stated the prime minister. Khan also said that Pakistan wanted the Taliban regime to be recognised as a “collective process.”

As per him, Afghans are proud people who cannot be coerced to behave in a certain way.

“You can’t force them to do anything,” Foreign pressure on a government like the Taliban has a limit. Afghans should not be expected to respect women’s rights in the same way that Westerners do,” he stated.

He did say, though, that the Taliban had consented to females’ education, but that it would take time to put in place.

Prime Minister concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the possibility of refugees returning, and the US administration’s decision to only provide half of the Afghan funds.

He stated that before the fall of the last regime, 3 groups were operating from Afghanistan “the Pakistani Taliban, Baloch terrorists, and a group of Daesh terrorists”.

The more stable the Afghan government is, we believe, the less likely these groups will be able to operate. We are concerned about Afghanistan’s stability because of this,” he said.

“The Taliban restored security in Afghanistan after they took over in the 1990s,” he remarked in response to a question about if Pakistan trusts the Afghan Taliban when they vow they won’t allow militants to attack from their country.

He Stressed that if terrorists operated from Afghan soil, the Taliban would suffer. “It is in their interest to put a stop to international terrorism,” he added.

The prime minister also downplayed a combined strike with US President Joe Biden against terrorists in Afghanistan from regional bases.

Without the cooperation of the Taliban administration, the premier claimed, it would be impossible to prevent international terrorism from functioning from Afghanistan.

He stated that Pakistan has lost 80,000 people in the war on terror since 2001 and that it did not want to Conflict with the Afghan government. Pakistan will be a peace partner with the United States, not a war partner.

The BJP government’s and RSS’s attitude toward Pakistan and Kashmir, according to Imran Khan, is “worrisome” and has resulted in a “dead end.”

We’re dealing with an irrational regime with a hateful ideology toward religious minorities and Pakistan. we can not talk to them. It’s a dead end.” he stated.

Since 1947, Kashmir has been a contested region between Pakistan and India, and it is only natural that Kashmiris be defended, especially since Pakistan occupies a third of the land.

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