Pakistan and Russia have Friendly Bilateral Relations: Consulate General Russia

Russian Consulate General Says Trade Ties Between Pakistan and Russia Were Affected Due to “illegal Sanctions” by The West

Russian Consulate General Andrey Viktorovich Fedrov indicated in an interview with the media that he was unaware of any oil contract between Russia & Pakistan. He did, however, state that Pakistan & Russia are now enjoying good bilateral relations and that the Kremlin regards Pakistan as a “friendly” country.

The Russian Consulate General also stated his wish for Russia and Pakistan to build commercial and economic relations. According to Andrey Viktorovich Fedrov, commercial relations between Pakistan & Russia have been harmed by the West’s “illegal sanctions.”

While highlighting Pakistan-Russia trade potential, he stated that Russia can be an important trading partner to Pakistan in several industries such as oil, gas, and energy, while Pakistan can also assist Russia in many sectors such as agriculture & medical.

He also added in the interview that former PM Imran Khan and President Vladimir Putin addressed a number of matters during their encounter. However, he was not aware of the specifics of any oil purchase arrangement, as then-Prime Minister Khan asserted.

He went on to say that if trade and economic cooperation between Asian nations improves, including China, Russia, and European countries, the US will have no influence in the area and hence won’t be able to destabilise it.

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