Pakistan Moved Six Places In World Travel And Tourism List From 89 to 83

Pakistan has risen 6 places in the  (WEF) World Economic Forum’s Tourism and Travel Development Index 2021.

The Tourism and Travel Development Index 2021 comprises 117 nations. The index rates nations based on a collection of factors and policies which enable each country’s travel and tourism sector to flourish in a sustainable and resilient manner.

As of the current recent edition of the index, entitled “Rebuilding for a Sustainable & Resilient Future,” Pakistan is placed 83rd, higher from 89th in the previous edition.

Pakistan, Indonesia, and Vietnam have been named the top performers in the Asia-Pacific region. Indonesia has moved up to the 32nd position, Up from the 44th. Vietnam has risen to the 60th position, up from the 52nd. 

All in all, Japan ranked first in the current recent edition of the index. Japan is followed by Spain, and correspondingly, the United States, which is placed third and second.

Let’s look at the top ten countries on the 2021 Travel & Tourism Development List:

Sr. No.Country Rank
2.United StatesSecond
5.Germany Fifth
8.United KingdomEighth

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