Some Interesting Facts About Pakistan National Tree

Pakistan national tree is Deodar, commonly known as Deodar Cedar. It is located in the extreme northern mountains of Pakistan at an altitude of 1500-2000.

It is a large evergreen tree growing up to a height of  40–50 m tall, sometimes 60 m. The Deodar tree grows in Pakistan’s northern regions due to the favourable environment. Mild winters are ideal for growing Deodar trees.

Importance of Pakistan National Tree

What are the uses of Deodar tree?

Deodar is prized for its ample medicinal, religious and commercial uses.

The name Deodar gets from the Sanskrit phrase devadāru, which means “wood of the gods”. Many Hindus in India consider Deodar as a spiritual tree and worship it as a divine tree. And Deodar is Pakistan National tree.

In ancient times, people also believed that resting in the shade of deodar helped to treat asthma and many other diseases.

People in western countries use Deodar cedar to decorate their hose, especially at Christmas.

East India Company made it a great building material for everything; they were use the wood of this tree to construct buildings, bridges, and canals.

About Deodar Tree

Deodar branches can extend up to 10-15 feet when they grow horizontally. This plant has bluish-green needle-like leaves. Its leaves length is between one and two inches. These leaves remain on the tree for 3 to 6 years.

Deodar trees can survive both dry and wet soil. Pests like phytophthora and beetle borers damage Deodar trees by rotting the roots. The tree needs full sunlight to flourish properly. The tree needs 45 years to completely grow after that it can capable of bearing seeds.

Deodar is known by different names in different regions of the world. Several species of Cedar Deodar are found in the United States, Europe, and Argentina. In those regions, they are known as the California Christmas tree.

The native place of Deodar is the Himalayas. Deodar is identified as the species of cedar native to the side of the western Himalayas in Eastern Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, and Kashmir. 

What are the Uses of Deodar

Deodar is a wonderful plant with several uses extending from the root to the leaves. Every portion of this plant has a unique ability. The wood of this tree is used to build temples, boat houses, and railway cars.

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Due to its great anti-fungal and insect-repellent capabilities, meats and food grains such as wheat and oats are stored and preserved in chambers made of deodar wood or in vessels made of deodar.

Deodar has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, and anti-asthmatic qualities, making it useful in treating a variety of respiratory issues.

Different Species of Deodar Cedar Tree

There are various varieties of Cedar trees found across the globe; some common species are listed here.

Cyprian Cedar

Cyprus is one of the unique species of Cedar.  They grow mostly in the mountainous regions of Cyprus, Turkey, and of Syria. This tree is well-known for its small leaves and umbrella-like crown.

Bermuda Cedar

As suggested by its name, Bermuda Cedar is a member of the Cedar family and is only found on Bermuda island. Bermuda cedar can grow up to 50 feet and survive for many hundred years, the growth of this tree depends on the type of soil it is planted in.

Eastern White Cedar

Just like other trees of the same species. Eastern White Cedar is popular for treating diseases like asthma. Additionally, these kinds of trees are more vulnerable to harm from pests or bad weather.

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