Pakistan remains the cheapest nation in the region, Imran Khan Says

Imran Khan claimed on Monday that Pakistan is the cheapest nation in the region. Imran Khan stated that if individuals continued to pay their taxes, he would provide additional relief.

The Ehsaas programmes, as well as a price reduction on oil and power, are elements of the plan, he said and will lead to the establishment of a state of Madina based on justice and the system of law.

Pm Imran mentioned this during an event to inaugurate the Ehsaas Riayat Rashan Program. Even though Dubai and the UAE have their oil reserves, Pakistani fuel and diesel costs were still lower. So that’s why Pakistan remains the cheapest nation in the region.

As long as people pay their taxes, the government vowed to keep improving assistance services. According to him, the basic responsibility of a welfare system is to lift society’s underprivileged parts.

Although inflation is widespread in Pakistan and around the world, the prime minister highlighted that Pakistan remains a low-cost economy. And the state offers large support to keep inflation down.

If (tax) revenue improves, the Ehsaas Riayat Ration Program will assist 20 million homes, he added. Flour, ghee, and pulse costs will be 30% lower through the Ehsaas Riayat Ration Scheme, he said.

He pointed out that “ protection would be accessible in all districts including Sindh by the end of the month, and that it was the obligation of the state to include the poor in development projects.

As per the prime minister, a medicare card is a major undertaking. All families would have Rs1 million in medical insurance under this card, and those in poverty will be able to get treatment at any hospital. He claims that using insurance cards has concluded in heart transplants.

This service, which was not provided even in rich nations, was being established by the welfare system in Madina’s model. Even though the welfare state concept has been widely adopted around the world, he claims that just a few Muslim nations have taken moves to implement one.

A charity worker, as per PM, can only comprehend humanity’s suffering. The government has devised a fantastic programme as part of its plan for the growth of the country, which is exceedingly pleasant to Allah Almighty.

While acknowledging that out-of-school kids had not received adequate attention in the past. It was evident that the present administration was working to reinsert them into institutions.

Lack of food, he believes, prevents youngsters from receiving decent learning and training. We will be able to execute this strategy in every district if we use tax revenues to expend funds. ” The Prime Minister praised Dr Sania Nishtar and her colleagues for their efforts with the Ehsaas initiative, which helps deserving people.

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