Pakistan’s Strong Reply to India’s Claim, That Kashmir is a part of the Country

Now since Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto denounced New Delhi’s repressive behaviour in occupied Kashmir, and said it is “implementing a racist policy” in the disputed territory, delegates from India and Pakistan got into a new verbal spat at a United Nations Security Council ministerial-level meeting on food security on Thursday.

In response to FM Bilawal’s harsh statements, India’s UN representative said Kashmir was an important territory of India and accused Pakistan of being implicated in terrorism.

Imran Khan, a Pakistani delegate, used his right of response to refute India’s assertion that Jammu & Kashmir was its territory.

“Jammu and Kashmir are not & has don’t ever been a part of India,” Khan, a counsellor in Pakistan’s UN mission, claimed, adding that the Himalayan region is a “disputed area” on any official UN map.

“The ‘final disposition of the State of Jammu & Kashmir is to be determined by the people of Jammu and Kashmir through a transparent and fair plebiscite, to be conducted under UN auspices,” he stated, citing Security Council Resolution 47 (1948).

He stated that while India has approved the United Nations Security Council decisions, they had yet to be executed.

“India’s reluctance to do so for more than seven decades now represents a flagrant and continuous violation of Security Council resolutions, the United Nations Charter, and international law,” the Pakistani representative added.

“The Indian government’s unilateral & unlawful behaviour on 5 August 2019, robbing occupied Jammu and Kashmir of its identity, oppressing its people with 900,000 occupying troops, and changing Jammu and Kashmir’s demography from a Muslim majority to a Hindu majority region have narrowed the area for a conversation on Jammu and Kashmir.”

In response to India’s terrorist claims, the Pakistani representative stated that they are nothing more than a smokescreen to hide state terrorism against Kashmiris.

History shows that conquerors and occupiers frequently use the term “terrorism” to excuse their suppression of genuine efforts for self-determination and independence.

Nothing, he continued, will dampen Kashmiris’ tenacious spirits in their quest for their legitimate right to self-determination.

“Pakistan will keep exposing India’s ‘State terrorism’ and mistreatment of the people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir,” stated Imran Khan, a delegate from Pakistan.

“We will keep calling for a reasonable settlement to the Kashmir problem in accordance with Security Council resolutions and the demands of the Kashmiri people.”

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