America and Pakistan will discuss regional security in their talks

On Wednesday, the America and Pakistan will conduct diplomatic discussions focused on international safety, Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Uzra Zeya, the United States’ Under Cabinet of State for Public Safety, Democracy, and Civil Rights, came to Pakistan on Monday for the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation Foreign Ministers Summit, which begins on Tuesday morning.

Facing acute political turmoil sparked by a vote of no support in the Current administration, Pakistan is hosting the two-day summit. Both the opponents and the government groups decided to accept a two-day break from protesting and counter-protesting to allow the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation delegates to meet and depart before the internal fighting starts.

America is represented in the meeting by Assistant Secretary Zeya, who is also joined with Chinese State Minister Wang Wi.

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Under Assistant Zeya will guide the US diplomat to the 48th meeting of the OIC Committee of Foreign Affairs minister summit, where he will encounter high ranking government authorities as well as representatives of civil civilization and international institutions, according to a remark released by the US State Department on Monday night.

The assistant official “will stress the longstanding and deep relations among the US and OIC member nations, highlight the importance for basic support to Afghanistan, and fight for civil rights and liberties for everyone” throughout her OIC meetings, according to the release.

Ms Zeya would “discuss local stability situations, Pakistan’s compassionate hospitality of Afghan refugees, and assistance for Afghan resettlement attempts” in her discussions with Pakistani authorities.

The Department Of foreign added the diplomatic discussions should include cover “global criticism of Russia’s ruthless aggression of Ukraine and commemoration of the 75th birthday of America and Pakistan diplomatic relations.”

According to reports, a US Diplomatic Office spokesman informed the media that Pakistan’s stability, wealth, and freedom are vital to the country’s objectives.

Assistant Secretary Zeya will fly across Islamabad to Tunis, when she may engage with leading government authorities to talk about progressive social and financial developments, basic rights protection, and the critical role of the public sector in a robust republic.

The assistant secretary shall also address the financial issues that Tunisia is suffering as a result of the Russian assault throughout her discussions.

On Mar 27 to 29, Under Receptionist Zeya will visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where she will discuss measures to promote the Abraham Accords’ execution and share perspectives on civil rights, stability in the region, and resolving the wars in Syria and Yemen.

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