There is Currently no Google office in Pakistan

Google office in Pakistan has not yet officially opened. Pakistanis are progressively turning to digital channels and services. The Covid-19 crisis increased reliance on internet tools even further, necessitating the necessity to localise the headquarters of online behemoths.

Farhan S Qureshi, Google’s Area Manager for Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, speaks with the media about the likelihood of a Google branch in Pakistan, as well as various protection and information issues.

He said, We’re continuously looking for new possibilities, but there are no plans to establish a branch at this moment. Even so, through our collaboration with NRSP, we proceed to invest in Pakistan to help it unleash its digital ability by training women and youngsters in digital awareness, working with regional YouTube creators to highlight their skills all over the planet, and upskilling Pakistani programmers so they can battle in the digital market.

Annually, Google publishes a ranking of the best popular queries that experienced a continuous increase in traffic. This is referred to as the Google Year in Searches. Pakistan is a cricket-crazed nation, according to google statistics as of 2021.

The top results in 2021 are for events from Pakistan’s cricket match against  England and South Africa, as well as the ICC T20 World Championship and Pakistan PSL. We also discovered that several local and foreign films and TV series are in high request, including Khuda Aur Mohabbat and Squid game leading the lists. Last but not least, the Pakistani maker community has grown. Makers are producing high-quality videos and gaining an audience both locally and internationally.

He states that many Google services are designed with highly secured protections to keep your data safe at all times. We work carefully to secure the info we hold about customers and Google from unwanted login, modification, release, or loss. We secure your information in transit to protect it from prying eyes. To support you defend your Google profile, we provide a variety of protection tools such as safe searching, safety check, and two-step verification.

We’re pleased with the effort we’ve created to support Pakistan become more digitised. We do activities to help to learn in Pakistan, such as launching the CS 1st course in 2020 in partnership with the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, the Telecommunication Fund, and the Online Colleges. 

He added that we increased the initiative in 2021, and approximately 400 instructors and learners have been educated in the free CS 1st program, which enables programming simple to educate and exciting to study in 13 locations across Pakistan. We launched our free Google Workstation for Educational capabilities throughout the 400+ institutions in the Islamabad Federal Area to assist technical education and virtual education throughout the crisis.

Does Google Have Office in Pakistan

Officially Google’s office is Not Yet opened in Pakistan. The viral images areĀ from a Google store in Lahore.

Google office in Pakistan
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