Imran Khan will lead a march from May 25 to 29 in Islamabad

PTI Chairman & former PM Imran Khan announced Friday that the date for his party’s long-awaited visit to Islamabad would be between May 25 and May 29. Meanwhile, he did not give a specific date.

Imran made the news at a jalsa address in Multan. The PTI chairman was anticipated to reveal the specific date of the long march today however, he did not.

During this month, the PTI chairman held a series of jalsas around the nation to rally the people against the claimed “imported” govt and seek a new election. The gathering in Multan was the final in the program before the party’s scheduled long march to Islamabad.

The former prime minister began his speech by thanking the people of Multan for their kind welcome and saying that he always pray to Allah to awaken the consciousness of the citizens of Pakistan so that the country “does not kneel to criminals, thieves, mafia, or a superpower.”

He also congratulated the ladies & youth of Multan for coming to his rally, saying that no revolution can be “successful” until & unless women and youth participate in it.

Imran Khan stated that the dread and shame of losing a job “turns a large man into a tiny one,” and that the country would not become a great nation until the chains of such fear are loosened.

The PTI chairman went on to say that the Prophet (PBUH) helped Muslims break free and govern the world. He went on to say that no one became a successful businessman until they overcome their concerns, and no soldier got a medal because they were afraid of death.

When Edmund Hillary chose to climb Mount Everest, he first overcame his fear, according to Khan. Similarly, the “corrupt” politicians that rule our country have instilled fear that if we do not polish America’s shoes, we would be unable to grow.

The PTI chairman expressed regret that the country had to watch leadership that bent before the US, adding that “such demeanour bought terrible reputation to the country.”

The former PM claimed that “this was the cause for a conspiracy to remove him from power.” He went on to say that the plot was devised by people who had “looted” the nation for 30 years.

Khan went on to allege that the Opposition sought to conspire against him throughout his presidency in order to convince him to overlook their corruption charges and grant them another National Reconciliation Order (NRO).

“If I had pardoned their situations, it would have indicated that I had not become Premier on the basis of a philosophy or to lead a justice movement. It would have seemed that I had joined politics just to get a seat “He stated. “I would have been like previous President Pervez Musharraf, who pardoned corrupt people in order to keep his position.”

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