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Pakistani delegation will visit India next week to discuss water problems

Syed Muhammad Mehr Ali Shah, Pakistan’s Commissioner for Indus Waters, announced on Saturday that a five-member group will visit India next week to discuss the two nations’ water issue.

Shah told the media that the conversation would take place in New Delhi on May 30-31. He further stated that the party would pass through the Wagah Border.

“There will be discussions on the sharing of flood forecast data, as well as the PCIW (Pakistan Commissioner for Indus Water) yearly report,” he added.

The Pakistani group, according to Shah, will not see the under-construction Pakal Dul & Lower Kalnai dams, but these and other projects will be discussed.

According to the commissioner, Pakistan has always insisted on the fulfilment of the Indus Waters Treaty & has consistently criticised India’s behaviour.

In March, the two nations reaffirmed their commitment to implementing the Indus Waters Treaty in its entirety and expressed optimism that the next discussion of the Permanent Indus Commission will take place in India soon.

Pakistan has voiced major concerns about the spillway & freeboard of the Pakal Dul projects, demanding that a visit to the site is conducted in early May and that another annual conference on the subject be convened so that the talks could be included in the PCIW’s annual report on and minutes.

The conference is held yearly in Pakistan and India in accordance with the relevant articles of the Indus Waters Treaty.

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