PML-N Government Dismantles a Football Stadium in Sargodha to Hold Their Rally

The fences and stands of the Company Bagh football facility in Sargodha have been dismantled to make room for the Pakistan Muslim League N’s impending political gathering.

According to reports, the local administration dismantled the stands and other structures at the football stadium to offer greater protection for the party’s officials.

The decision by the authorities to remove the infrastructure did not sit well with the local football players, who opposed it. It’s worth noting that the football pitch recently undergone substantial structural renovations, including floodlight installation.

According to reports, PML (N) administration has promised to repair the edifice when the political gathering is over. The PML-N government has placed a check of Rs. 2.7 million towards the repair of the football stadium’s infrastructure, according to Sargodha Deputy Commissioner Asghar Joiya.

DC went on to say that the decision to dismantle the stands was taken after the political rally’s organisers altered the stage’s orientation due to a security issue. He promised that after the event, the football stadium will be rebuilt to its former state.

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