PM launched a Portal to Submit Complaints Regarding Scholarships

Imran Khan slammed the 18th Amendment once again, claiming that it has muddled the process of granting educational scholarships to students who deserve it.

Because of the 18th Amendment, it was difficult to determine which departments were awarding educational scholarships when we took office, he said during the inauguration ceremony for the PM Office’s online complaints platform for educational scholarships on Thursday.

Different types of scholarships are being offered by the federal and provincial governments, the Ehsaas programme, and the Higher Education Commission. We are also attempting to centralise them in order to avoid complications for students and to optimise the use of these scholarships for the country’s growth, Imran Khan Added.

“We can decide the future trajectory of the country’s development through scholarships.” The educational system should be used to help build a nation. In light of the technological revolution, he stated that subjects (taught) should have a connection to nation-building.

The site, which is linked to the Prime Minister’s Citizen Portal, will help scholarship holders to lodge complaints about problems they are experiencing as well as ensure that resources are used properly.

The 18th Amendment was passed in April 2010 to devolve powers to the provinces during the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government.

According to the government, it is currently spending Rs28 billion to support the education of deserving and capable students. There are around 2.6 million beneficiaries, with 72% of them being female students.

The prime minister Stated, an academic team would monitor the portal on a regular basis and guide the government on how to award scholarships in specific fields based on market and country needs.

The prime minister said Students have long complained to the government about being ignored or experiencing delays in receiving their scholarships, which prompted the prime minister to introduce a technology-based centralised system for evaluating and setting scholarship criteria.

The government also launched the Rahmatullil Alamin Scholarship to introduce young people to Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) leadership Qualities and the Madina State Model, which produced great leaders who ushered in a great revolution. Any state that followed such principles, such as the Scandinavian ones, he said, would excel and emerge as a welfare state.

PM stated that it is the responsibility of both the government and society to guide the youth towards technology and humanity.

Shafqat Mahmood, Minister of Federal Education, stated that the government has expanded scholarships in order to fulfil the prime minister’s vision of not turning away any student due to financial hardship. He stated that the government had given out a record number of scholarships in the last three years to help future generations.

While emphasising the importance of higher education, he stated that the government has committed Rs123 billion to the field, including Rs42 billion for new programmes. Furthermore, in the last three years, 28 new universities have been built. The PMDU was also praised by the Minister for keeping an eye on the ministry’s performance.

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