Pakistan is planning to develop a 5G network by 2023

The drive to digitalize Pakistan is taking shape as a result of successful 5G network experiments by telecom companies. The government intends to roll out 5G technology by 2023.

5G technology, the most recent breakthrough in cellular technology, makes mobile networks faster and more responsive. For global telecom corporations, commercial deployment of the latest networks is a major goal.

In 2019, the South Koreans were the first to deploy a 5G mobile network, beating out their American rivals. According to a survey provided by the Global Mobile Suppliers Association, 58 nations have already implemented 5G networks, and other country going to implement them.

According to statistics, 90 operators have launched 5G networks around the world, with 300 more investing in it.

In Asia, China, South Korea, and Japan are leading the race. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, on the other hand, are lagging since they have yet to implement a 5G strategy.

China is spreading 5G across the country, according to a plan provided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The network will cover all cities and towns, as well as most villages, within the next ten years.

COVID-19 has harmed all aspects of life, apart from information technology, which is the only field where investment has not decreased.

Foreign direct investment in Pakistan’s technology sector has surpassed $1 billion in the last three years, with IT exports increasing by 46% in the fiscal year 2020-21.

Jazz, PTCL, Telenor Pakistan, and Zong are among the five Pakistani telecom companies that have successfully tested 5G. The government is creating policy and offering a framework for the development of 5G for it to be economically successful in the country.

5G has a lot of potential in Pakistan. Smartphones are used by around 90 million individuals, and the number is growing every year. The adoption of the internet is increasing at a rate of 23% every year.

5G Internet benefits

Modern technologies and fast Internet connections have made distance education possible. 5G services will benefit those who live far away. People from all over the world will be able to watch video animations and listen to lectures online. In many respects, 5G will revolutionize medicine.

Pakistan’s public generates foreign reserves by providing online services. Every year, about 10,000 Pakistanis work as freelancers around the world. With the support of 5G, they can instantly supply their services.

The e-commerce market in the global e-commerce sector also has a lot of potentials, and the e-commerce business is fast increasing. Pakistan can enhance its economy by connecting to the global online marketplace and exporting its products around the world.

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