Pakistan and Turkey are on the same page over Kashmir,Palestine conflict

Minister for religious affairs and interfaith harmony Pir Noor ul Haq Qadri said Pakistan and Turkey were on the same page on Palestine and Kashmir dispute.

He stated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Imran Khan have a united stance on Palestine and Kashmir, speaking at a ceremony held by Shaykh Muhammad Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman in honour of the Turkish delegation at Eidgah Sharif.

He quoted a Turkish saying that said if Turkey had no other friends in the world, Pakistan would be the only country to stand by it. He says that the Pakistani people are taught that if no other country supports Pakistan’s global position or policy, Turkey will.

According to him, no one has ever served Islam, as well as Turkey, did. He expressed the hope that this event will serve as a solid foundation for the two brotherly countries’ long-term relations.

On this particular event Dr Ali Arbash, Turkey’s Minister of Religious Affairs, said in the propagation of Islam both countries Pakistan and Turkey would play a crucial role, as per the will of God. He said both countries would continue to cooperate and coordinate in order to pass on real Islamic teachings and information to future generations.

He emphasised the necessity of producing more Ulema and Mashaykh, since they are the means through which Islam is spread around the world. We were second to the Prophet, and it was our responsibility to spread the Islamic message of love, peace, and interfaith unity through Tassawaf, he added. Dr Arbash says that if a Turkish national is asked to pick his favourite country and people, he will firmly say Pakistan and its people.

He stated Despite the fact that Pakistan and Turkey do not share any physical borders, their citizens are intricately bound in their hearts and will stay so forever. The minister appreciated Minister Qadri’s invitation to visit Pakistan.

Before greeting the Turkish delegation, Shaykh Muhammad Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman stated that no discussion of Islamic history would be complete without mentioning the Ottomans’ contributions.

Turkey, he continued, is still one of the foremost Muslim countries that serve the interests of Islam.

As per him, Pakistan and Turkey are the main forts of Islam, which is why the Muslim Ummah looks to both of them in any tense situation or problematic period.

He prayed for the two brotherly countries to have a long-term connection. Finally, a sacred gift of the Holy Quran was given to the Turkish religious affairs minister.

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