Imran Khan Says Soon We Will Solve Kashmir Issue Throw Dialogues

Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that the Kashmir dispute is a major issue between Pakistan and India and that we want to solve all problems through political discussion, which is expected to happen sooner or later.

Prime Minister Imran Khan says in an interview with a Chinese news agency that Pakistan-China relations have stood the test of time, and that strong friendship between the two countries is a guarantee of regional stability.

He added that the first project of the CPEC was to strengthen communication and energy projects and that the CPEC is now in its second phase.

The Kashmir conflict, according to the Prime Minister, is a crucial problem between Pakistan and India. We want to settle all problems through political discourse, he said. It is hoped that the Kashmir issue will be settled through discussion sooner or later.

He further said that both China and Pakistan agree that the Afghan people have been the hardest hit by the war and that the UN’s first focus should be the Afghan people. However, this is the first time in Afghanistan that peace has been given a chance. Afghanistan is in the midst of a serious humanitarian crisis that is largely reliant on foreign aid.

Prime Minister Said, The Afghan government is in a crisis as a result of the Freeze on foreign aid. Regardless of the Taliban government’s in Afghanistan, everyone should pitch in to aid the Afghan people, as more than half of the country’s population is currently in grave difficulties.

He said that food security was essential to meeting the needs of Pakistan’s growing population, with a focus on agriculture, industry, and information technology. China helped Pakistan during the corona and provided vaccines, while We’ve also learned from China’s corona experiences during corona.

Imran Khan stated that the world cannot afford another Cold War the world should not go into a situation in which it is divided into two parts.

He stated that Pakistan wants to reprise the role it played in bringing the United States and China closer together in the 1970s. The visit of US Secretary of State Henry Clinton to China was made possible by Pakistan’s efforts.

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