TikTok has deleted over 6.5 million videos for violating community guidelines

TikTok, the world’s premier short-form video app, has deleted more than 6.5 million clips in Pakistan, ranking it third in the world for the most films removed during October 1, 2021, and December 30, 2021.

The video application deleted 6,563,594 Pakistani videos, as per the Community Rules Enforcement Report Q4 2021. Meanwhile, in the final quarter of 2021, 85,794,222 videos were banned globally to combat harassment and other harmful behaviour standards.

The report highlights the platform’s continued commitment to gaining confidence by being accountable and trying to be safe and inviting. Efforts include encouraging honest involvement across the comment area, reminding authors about safety, and carefully following to the broad community standards.

According to the statistics, 94.1 percent of videos were deleted for breaching community norms within 24hrs of getting posted, 95.2 percent were deleted before a user complained them, and 90.1 percent were deleted before the films received any views.

Deleting content at zero visits reduced harassing and abusive content by 14.7 percent, hostile behaviour by 10.9 percent, violent extremism by 16.2 percent, and harmful conduct by 7.7 percent.

To far, the rate of blocking content that violates community norms prior to gaining any views has increased by 14.7 percent for harassing and bully content, 10.9 percent for hostile behaviour, 16.2 percent for violent extremists, and 7.7 percent for risky activities.

“At TikTok, we think our network should be based on a basis of trust, kindness, and understanding,” a TikTok representative stated. We seek to enable our users to keep control of their contacts with someone on TikTok in order to help individuals form healthy digital relationships in accordance with our standards for proper behaviour.

When it comes to maintaining people safe, there is no boundary line, and our newest report and continuing improvements reflect our continual dedication to the well of our community.”

Along with its efforts to proactively delete abusive and offensive material or behaviour that breaks community norms, the platform is looking into new methods to give everyone greater control over opinions through real involvement. This includes exploring methods for users to identify comments they feel are irrelevant or unsuitable, such as disliking remarks.

The gathered community feedback will be added to the mix of elements currently in play to help maintain the comment area continuously relevant and a space for true conversation. Furthermore, to avoid demoralising artists, only the user who filed a dislike on a remark would be able to know that they did so.

In the meanwhile, the app will simply remove remarks that violate its strict community rules, adding on existing features such as the capability to filter comments based on content, remove, and report numerous comments at once.

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