Pakistan earned $634 million by providing various transport services in other countries

Pakistan earned $634 million by providing various transport services in other countries

The first 10 months of the fiscal year (2021-22) saw an increase in revenue of $634.760 million for Pakistan through the provision of various transport services in various countries.

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), this is an increase of 34.77 percent when compared to the $471.010 million in services revenue received during the comparable time of the previous fiscal year (2020-21).

The exports of maritime transport services increased by 51.81 percent during the review period, from the US $ 66.050 million in the preceding year to the US $ 100.270 million.

The PBS data showed that among sea transport services, exports of freight services increased by 96.16 percent from $29.400 million last year to $57.670 million this year, while exports of other marine transport services also increased by 16.23 percent from $36.650 million to $42.6 million.

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From $381.010 million last year to $508.170 million between July and April, the exports of air transportation services surged by 33.37 percent.

Aside from the fact that the export of other air transport services increased by 41.12% from $ 106.070 million to $ 149.690 million, the export of passengers services saw the largest increase, rising by 33.63% from $ 249.370 million to $ 333.230 million, while the export of freight services fell by 1.25% from $25.570 million to $ 25.250 million.

It also noted that exports of road transport services increased by 25.61 percent throughout the assessment period, from $15.580 million to $19.570 million this year.

The data showed that, of the road transport services, the exports of freight services fell by 72.12% during the fiscal year under review, from $11.800 million to $ 3.290 million, while the exports of other road services climbed by 330.69%, from $3.780 million to $16.280 million. Additionally, the exports of postal and courier services also fell by 19.35%, from $8.370 million to $6.750 million.

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